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US, Canada & Cross-Border Individual

Tax Planning and Compliance

Moving from one country to another can be assisted with forward thinking and a plan. We are specialist in this intricate area of tax planning and maintain up-to-date knowledge in all areas of cross-border tax preparation, planning and compliance.

The following are areas we have expertise in advising clients in:

  • Investments in US and/or Canadian real estate

  • Assistance in US citizenship renunciation, expatriation consulting and compliance

  • US tax planning for ownership or beneficial interests of non-US corporations, trusts and partnerships

  • US tax advice on ownership structures in the US

  • US tax planning in the event of marital separation

  • Residency status for either US or Canadian tax filing

  • Tax planning for current or future "snowbirds"

  • Relocation and immigration planning between Canada and US

Our office offers the following compliance services:

  • US and Canadian personal income tax returns related forms

  • US FBAR & Form 8938 foreign disclosure assessment and preparation

  • US Form 8854 expatriation assessment and preparation

  • Assistance in meeting US and Canadian foreign asset reporting and disclosure requirements

  • Canadian Certificate of Compliance applications for the disposition of taxable Canadian property by non-Canadian residents

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