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US & Canada Cross-Border Tax Preparation & Compliance

Our team has over 20 years of experience in providing tax compliance services to a variety of different clients, including US citizens and green card holders, Canadian residents, part-year residents as well as non-residents.


If you are an individual who is required to file both Canadian and US tax returns and thus gets to deal with both the CRA and the IRS, you know only too well that two countries can be daunting. If you have been preparing your own taxes, you may feel overwhelmed wondering if you’ve missed something, and chances are that you probably are.


These are times when you need a specialist. Let us answer your most worrying questions. With a phone call, we can start making sure you are planning most effectively.

  • US and Canadian Personal Income Tax Returns

  • US and Canadian Trust Tax Returns

  • FBAR & Form 8938 Assessment and Preparation

  • US Estate and Gift Tax Returns

  • Assistance in meeting US and Canadian foreign asset reporting and disclosure requirements

  • Certification applications for the disposition of taxable Canadian property by non-Canadian residents

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