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US & Canada Cross-Border Consulting & Tax Planning

We focus on providing comprehensive tax solutions that align with our client’s goals. We are specialists in this intricate area of tax planning, and maintain the most up-to-date resource in all areas of cross-border tax preparation, planning and compliance.

Our team is efficient and effective, providing valuable services to our clients. If you are unsure or feel any doubts that you are currently not receiving the best tax results you can, we can do an assessment for you.


The following are areas we have expertise in advising clients in:

  • Investments in US and/or Canadian real estate

  • US and Canadian cross-border estate and gift planning

  • Assistance in US citizenship renunciation, expatriation consulting and compliance

  • US tax planning for ownership or beneficial interests of non-US corporations, trusts and partnerships

  • US tax advice on ownership structures in the US

  • US tax planning in the event of marital separation

  • Residency status for either US or Canadian tax filing

  • Tax planning for current or future "snowbirds"

  • Relocation and immigration planning between Canada and US

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