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cross-border tax and financial needs.

  • Can I get a fee quote without having the tax consultation?
    Generally, we require to have an initial tax consultation with all new clients to fully understand the tax situation, determine filing requirements and provide a more accurate fee quote on tax preparation. If you decide to engage us to prepare your tax filings, we will honor half of the initial tax consultation fee as a discount towards tax preparation cost. In case the initial tax consultation is not sufficient, we will assist to book a follow up appointment.
  • What type of payment options do I have?
    E-transfer Payment can be directed to ​ PayPal PayPal charges 4% transaction fees. Please direct your PayPal payment to with an additional 4% to the requested payment amount. Cheque Payable to “Oasiss CPA Corp.” and mailed to 950-1199 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3T5 Wire transfer Please reach out to for our wire transfer information
  • What happens if initial tax consultation payment is not made on time?
    Payment is required to remit within 48 hours (two calendar days) upon our email request; or your meeting will automatically be cancelled. Given the volume of the consultation requests, we are unable to follow up and appreciate you to re-book on our website.
  • Would I receive a payment refund from Oasiss CPA Corp.?
    We do not offer any cash refunds for payments made for tax consultation or services to be rendered. Unused retainer payment on tax planning and preparation service will be carried forward.
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