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Cross-Border Tax Consultants

Kaman Kwok Inc. provides personalized services and international knowledge and expertise to individuals living on either side of the US-Canada border.

We specialize in US and Canada cross-border tax preparation, tax planning and compliance needs.

Experts in Cross-Border Tax Preparation, Planning and Compliance


Kaman, the principal accountant and founder of Kaman Kwok Inc, has been in practice for over 28 years; 24 of these years has been in consulting with US and Canadian citizens dealing with cross-border situations. She and her team have deep-rooted technical expertise and skills dealing with the following practice areas:

At Kaman Kwok Inc., we steadfastly support each client to feel confident in facing the challenges of cross-border tax scenarios. Our team is available to work with individual taxpayers, in addition to collaborating with financial advisory or service teams, to achieve the most tax-efficient outcome possible.

"We deliver the best possible cross-border tax services to your personal and business matters. We have the knowledge and expertise you need and provide creative and technical strategies to mitigate tax exposure" - Kaman Kwok

Explore Our Services

Comprehensive tax solutions that align with our client's goals. We are specialists in this intricate area of tax planning and maintain up-to-date knowledge in all areas of cross-border tax preparation, planning and compliance.

We want to help you succeed and see growth in your business. Expanding into the US market is a big deal and can have unforeseen implications. It's important to structure your business for tax efficiency.

Our team has over 24 years of experience in providing tax compliance services to a variety of clients, including US citizens and green card holders, Canadian residents, part-year residents, and non-residents.

The rules can change and the details are often complicated. Our team can help you catch up and will ensure that you are updated about any legal implications. Don't delay on getting your tax situation in order.

Moving from one country to another can be assisted with forward thinking and a plan. We can assist in this process with knowledge of the options available to protect your assets and interests on both sides of the border.

The CRA may review and request any tax records in the future. If you think you have incorrectly reported or missed filing, our team can identify any non-compliance issues. We have helped our clients reduce the risk of potential penalties and prosecution.

Client Testimonials

William M.
Vancouver, BC

If you are one of the fortunate souls [sarcasm alert!!] who gets to file both Canadian and US tax returns and thus gets to deal with both the CRA and IRS, you know only too well that 2 countries equals 3 countries' worth of headaches. When you have to face off against both the CRA and IRS, you want the very best people on your side. I sleep soundly now, knowing that Kaman Kwok has my back.

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